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DCYF Child Care Check
Below are current referral listings for Clark County Family Child Care Association members.  All of the licensed child cares listed on this page are located throughout the Vancouver, WA area.
  • Nancy Dickinson 
​          Battle Ground, WA  98662
          Schools: Glennwood & Laureen
          Email:  Craftynancy51@yahoo.com

  • Helene Padget
           Vancouver 98662
           School: Silver Star Elementary

  • Sandi Brinley
           Vancouver, WA 98682
​           School: Image Elementary

  • Lari Piel  
          Vancouver, WA
          (360) 910-3594
           School: Burton
          Email: laripiel4@gmail.com
  • Diana Hash 
          Vancouver, WA 98683
          (360) 607-1333
          School: Crestline Elementary
          Email:  dianahashh@gmail.com
  • Robin Hefely 
          Vancouver, WA 98685
          (360) 574-5747
  Cell: (360) 921-7066
           School: Felida Elementary
          Email: robinhefely@comcast.net

  • Cindy Cooper  
           Vancouver, WA 98682
            (360)903-1106 or (360)253-9825
            School: Endeavour Elementary
            Email:  CoCoCola88​@aol.com

  • Rebecca Kemper 
           Vancouver, WA 98685
           School:  Sacajawea Elementary
           Email:  beccasdaycare@hotmail.com

Tekla Frederick
Nancy Lycklama
Gordon Padget
Scott Piel
Kenneth Rose
Tina VanBuskirk

  • Sally Rose 
          Vancouver, WA
          School: Truman Elementary
          Email:  sallyarose@comcast.net

"To find the right child care for you, think about the needs of both your child and your family. Your child's caregiver is your partner in your child's early education; taking the time to find the right child care for you and your child will be time well-spent."

  • Leasa Ripplinger 
          Vancouver, WA  98664
          (360) 823-3993
          School: Marshall Elementary
          Email: leasarip@msn.com

  • Corinna Mkwananzi  
           Vancouver, WA
           (360) 270-7418
           School: Marion Elementary
           Email: hall.cy@hotmail.com

  • Melissa Melhorn
           Vancouver 98684
            School: Mill Plain Elementary
            Email:  ianmelhorn@gmail.com

  • Tracie Stout
           Vancouver 98662
           School: Sunset Elementary
           Email: traciestout@centurylink.net
  • Terri Lehman
           Vancouver 98682
   Cell: 360-907-4148
           School: Sifton Elementary
           Email: lehman4@comcast.net
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  • Lisa Cremeen
           Vancouver, WA 98661
           School: Hazel Dell Elementary
           Email: purplebutterfly.lc@gmail.com

  • Julie Worrall
           Battle Ground, WA
           (701) 213-2324
          School: Maple Grove Elementary
           Email: bgsunflowerplayschool@gmail.com
  • Ella Fultz 
          Vancouver, WA 98682
          (3600 936-1147
          School: Pioneer Elementary
          Email:  gatheringtreeearlylearning@gmail.com
  • Mary Nevel
          La Center, WA 98692
          (360) 263-4948
          School:  Elementary
          Email: nevels@tds.net
  • Melanie Scott
          Vancouver, WA 98682
          (360) 314-7714
          School: Pioneer Elementary
          Email:  babygirlz30@comcast.net