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Below are current referral listings for Clark County Family Child Care Association members.  All of the licensed child cares listed on this page are located throughout the Vancouver, WA area.
  • Hannele La France 

        I am Hannele La France, the owner and Director of La-La’s Musical         Munchkins, a.k.a. Hannele’s ChildCare, which has been in my home         for over 30 years. I have a full-time assistant and we care for         children ages one and up. This is a Christian home and we teach         values accordingly. We also engage children in Preschool and          activities as well as developmental and social skills.

    We serve Fircrest Elementary School and are near the Mill Plain and 
    I-205 intersection in east Vancouver.     
  • Nancy Lycklama    
          (360) 694-2667

        I have been licensed for over 30 years in the Northwest neighborhood         servicing Ben Franklin Elementary school. My hours are 6:30 – 5:00,         Monday – Friday. I accept children Birth to 6 years and I will accept         part time children if my enrollment at the time allows. I do not transport.
  • Nancy Dickinson 

          Bunnies & Friends
          Email:  Craftynancy51@yahoo.com

I service Glennwood Elementary and Lauren Elementary Schools in Battle Ground, WA.  I provide a preschool program for my children.  Please call or email me for more information on my program. 

  • Helene Padget 
          Tawney’s Tots Childcare
          (360) 892-6655

         Orchards area.  
  • Silver Star Elementary School
  • Preschool Program
  • Enroll children ages birth through five
  • ​Sandi Brinley
          Sandi’s Home Daycare

I service the Image Elementary School in the Orchards area.

  • Lari Piel  
          Vancouver, WA
          (360) 910-3594
          Email: laripiel4@gmail.com
          Elementary School:  Burton

  • Diana Hash 
          Vancouver, WA 98683
          (360) 607-1333
          Elementary School:  Crestline
          Email:  dynomyte57@aol.com

​    My name is Diana Hash and my childcare is located in the Cascade Park area.  I     enroll children from birth through kindergarten.  I provide a preschool     program, teach Spanish to my children as a second language and have a large     outdoor play area.   
If you are a CCFCCA member and would like your referral information posted on this page please email your referral information to Lari Piel
  • ​Robin Hefely 
          Robin's Nest Daycare
          (360) 574-5747

My name is Robin Hefely, licensed family provider in the Felida area for over 25 years.

  • Hours 7 AM - 6 PM
  • Felida Elementary
  • Ages:  Infants - Kindergarten
  • Close access to I-5, I-205 and downtown Vancouver

  • Melanie Scott 
          Vancouver, WA  98682
          Email: babygirlz30@comcast.net
  • Cindy Cooper  
          Email:  CoCaCola88​@aol.com
          Phone:  360-903-1106 cell or 360-253-9825 
          Elementary School:  Endeavour

I just had my 20th year as a licensed provider and LOVE my job:) Call me for the hours that I am in operation. 

  • Rebecca Kemper 
          Beccas Daycare
          Vancouver, WA 98685
          Elementary School:  Sacajawea
          Email:  beccasdaycare@hotmail.com
  • Brenda Utton  
          Washougal, WA
          Email:  benazoo2@aol.com
          Elementary School:  Hathaway​

  • Daniel Kempe
  • Joel O'Dea 
  • Gordon Padget 
  • Cindy Perez   
  • Kenneth Rose
  • Deborah Rosser   

  • Sally Rose 
          Vancouver, WA
          Email:  sallyarose@comcast.net
          Elementary School:  Truman
"To find the right child care for you, think about the needs of both your child and your family. Your child's caregiver is your partner in your child's early education; taking the time to find the right child care for you and your child will be time well-spent."

  • Deborah K. Hayford DBA: Debbie’s 24/7 Daycare & Preschool  

          ​6504 Wyoming St, Vancouver, WA 98661

        Monday through Sunday 24 hour care 
        Accepting children ages two through twelve

        Participated in Seeds For Success for two years, (the pilot program for         Early Achievers,) and now participating in EA. This means I am         constantly striving to improve my program. I am a lifelong learner and         caring for children is my passion! My motto is “Love is spoken here.”

  • Sharon Zimmer
        Battle Ground area
        Email: sm.zimmer@Hotmail.com
        Phone: 360-608-7950
        Website: sharonshomedaycare.com
        School: Tukes Valley Primary

I've been doing daycare in the Battle Ground area for over 20 years.
  • Melissa Harmon
          Battleground, WA  98604
          Home: 360-518-1298
          Email: melissaharmon_ece@yahoo.com
          Elementary School:  Endeavour
  • ​Amy Dehaven
  • Vancouver, WA
  • (360) 892-0787
  • Karen Fallows
          Brush Prairie, WA  98606
          Home: 360-521-2344
          Email: karen-fallows@live.com

  • Kelley Pulliam 

          Vancouver, WA
          (360) 831-4061
          Email: kellyjpulliam@gmail.com
  • Leasa Ripplinger 
          Vancouver, WA
          (360) 823-3993
          Email: leasarip@msn.com
  • Corinna Mkwananzi  
          Vancouver, WA
          (360) 270-7418
          Email: hall.cy@hotmail.com
  • Becky Miller
    Vancouver, WA
    (360) 721-6657
    Email: millerba72@icloud.com
    Endeavor Elementary School